Russian processors out of production. Why did they prove to be a failure?

Why has the production of Russian CPUs been a failure? Find out from us!
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The Dos and Don'ts of Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential strategy in the modern business world, and some companies have created large followings solely by being great at content marketing.
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404 Error: What It Is and How to Fix It

The 404 error message on your web browser (or any browser) means that the file you’re looking for isn’t where it should be, and you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Unit tests - is it worth it?

Is it worth performing unit tests? What are the advantages and disadvantages of UT? Find out from us!

Intel Rocket Lake-S processors - highlights

What has Intel prepared in the Rocket Lake-S series processors? What will be the price of these devices?

Construction and application of rectifiers

In winter you may encounter an unpleasant surprise - a discharged by frost battery in the car. See how chargers are built and how this device can help you in such a situation

Cooling your computer - what to choose to lower the temperature?

Which cooling solution to avoid overheating of the processor? Fan, heatsink, water cooling - the choice is not at all obvious.

What are the high prices of graphics cards due to?

Thinking about assembling a PC and buying a graphics card? Find out if this is a good time to do it