Website not working? Find out what could be the cause
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Website not working? Find out what could be the cause

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Websites don’t stop working for no reason. There always has to be a reason for it. But how to find it? In this article, we present the most common reasons for websites not working.

Updating the website

Crashes after website updates occur when, for example, we make some changes to the website or update the scripts of the website or blog or store. Such errors sometimes appear only after some time, and sometimes right away. Depending on what led to the error, you can fix it in different ways. For example, you can manually or re-upload modified files or new scripts. You can also restore the previous version of the site if you have a backup copy.

Domain expiration

This is another common reason why a website stops working. This is usually the result of the fact that simply the domain was not paid for. In the case of expiration, you may get a message saying “Could not find server” or “This site is unreachable” when you access the page. Importantly, domain expiration does not remove files from the server.

If you want the website to work and the domain protection period has not expired yet, you can pay for it and within 48 hours it should work again. If this time has already passed, we have to buy the domain again.

Proper hosting

Most websites need to be optimized for how they serve dynamic content. This, in turn, depends on the number of requests to the server and the database. If the website code is not sufficiently optimized and tested for heavy load, then it may happen that the database stops responding. So it is worth using proper hosting to avoid such problems. An example is vps servers from Rapid DC.

Server failure

If there is a server crash, then all the websites that are on it stop working. It also happens that the FTP server stops working. If the failure concerns the server, then the site will not load at all, or will do it for a very long time. In such a case, however, we have no influence on when it will start working again. You can only report the situation to the hosting provider. The repair of the server may take various times – from a few minutes to even a few days. Everything depends on the cause of the failure.

Hacker or virus

In most cases, we do not know that the website was hacked until someone informs us about it. It can be an antivirus program, clients or a hosting company.

We could also be dealing with a virus. There are several types that attack websites. The most common are those that add extra files to the site or modify the code of images. It is worth taking care of proper security so that both our website and clients’ data are safe. Viruses or hackers can obtain private information about people using the site in this way.

In case of a hacker attack, you should restore a backup copy of your website. However, if you don’t have one, it is advisable to consult your hosting company. It happens that they keep copies of the pages.

However, if we do not have such a possibility, the work is a bit more. At the beginning it is worth checking if there are any suspicious files on the server. Any unknown files should be removed. It is also worth checking if someone has not edited other files on the site.

As you can see, the possible reasons for a crash are many. It is often the case that some of these problems are linked together.

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