What does alpha testing consist of?
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What does alpha testing consist of?

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You often hear that software is “only in alpha/alpha phase”. What is all this alpha testing about?

It is obvious that no software or game developer will release a flawed product. The game launches of Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed: Unity are two high-profile examples of when post-release bugs have weighed on the reputation of an entire studio. In order to avoid such situations, an already finished program is usually subjected to two phases of testing.

Alpha, beta, go!

The first of them is the alpha phase. Its characteristic feature is that it takes place on a very limited group of users. In the case of computer games, it usually takes the form of closed tests at the developer’s or a special system of assigning access keys. Only after the game or program passes the alpha tests, it can be beta tested. Then it is often made available to a wider audience. Only a product that successfully comes out of beta can be considered finished.

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