How to organize cables?

How to organize cables?

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A tangle of cables in a home office can be annoying and make everyday use of devices difficult. It is worth remembering that improper storage of cables and wires can lead to damage. Read how you can take care of proper cable organization.

Cable storage bins

Organizing your cables and wires makes it easier to use your devices, keep your home tidy, and improve safety. The easiest way to separate and partially hide wires is a cable box with a lid. The box improves the aesthetics of the home office, insulates cables from children and pets, and provides a cover from dust

Cable trays and trunkings

Cable trays and trunking, made of lightweight and durable materials, are used to protect cabling from the elements. Laying cable runs using cable trays allows for efficient organization of cables. Cable trays and trunkings are available in a wide range of colors, thanks to which they easily fit into the style of any room and become almost unnoticeable. A wide range of accessories for proper organization of cables and wires is available in our offer SPEC KABLE – Electrical wholesaler.

Masking wall and floor trunkings

Cables leading to TV sets, home cinemas, Blu-ray players, DVD players, set top boxes and other such devices can be masked using special installation mouldings and channels. Skirting boards protect cables against mechanical damage and make the room look more aesthetic. They can be non-invasively mounted both on the wall and on the floor. Installation channels can be fixed to the floor with double-sided tape, screws and wall plugs. They are available in many colors, as well as in colors resembling the structure of wood. The grilles can also be repainted and cut to size.

Desk cable organizer

Cables from computer hardware, especially gaming computers, can take up a lot of desk space. To organize them, it’s a good idea to get a cable protector that can be placed under the tabletop. The organizer collects electrical and computer cords together, making it easier to maintain a neat workspace. A flexible desk or comb organizer is also another option, allowing you to separate and protect all your cords.

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