Backup of server data – where to save it?

Backup of server data – where to save it?

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Backing up the data stored on the server is an integral process that should accompany every computer user. Unfortunately, in practice, a significant number of people skip this activity, not taking into account the risks that such negligence may entail. 

It is worth realizing that any unforeseen failure of the hard drive is capable of making its entire contents irreversibly lost. And with it all your precious files – including memories, purchased media and online works. Already knowing the importance of backup, the next step is to choose where to save them.

Backup – how to choose a storage location?

A backup, or so-called backup, allows you to restore all your files in case of sudden loss. Failure of a computer’s hard drive can be caused not only by mechanical damage, but also by harmful viruses, among other things. Besides, any electronic equipment has its limited lifespan, and it is good to reckon with the fact that it may eventually “refuse to obey”. 

Of course, there are various types of services that offer the possibility of recovering lost data, however, it is worth taking into account two factors. First, such a service is not among the cheapest, and secondly, it does not always have to be successful – unfortunately, very often the files are deleted from the disk irretrievably.

Wanting to protect against such risks, it is worth ensuring that your server data is protected by creating a secure backup. Where is the best place to put it? Depending on your needs, your files can be stored on an external drive or on a network drive, i.e. in the so-called cloud.

Backing up to an external drive

Storing a backup on portable storage media is one of the most popular and popular forms of data security. Why? External drives are extremely functional, durable and widely available devices. You can get them in many versions, which differ primarily in capacity. 

The biggest advantage of USB drives or ordinary flash drives is that by purchasing such equipment, you can enjoy and use it for many years. They will work well for people who need an exceptionally large amount of space, since good quality external drives are characterized by high speed both writing and reading files. In practice, this means that transporting even voluminous data (and later using it directly from the storage medium) will not take a large amount of time. Interestingly, some of the drives are equipped with special software for password protection.

Securing a backup in the cloud

Internet cloud storage is the second, but equally popular, method for storing the backup created. The way it works is based on uploading data directly to a server. Its main advantages include the fact that it can be accessed from a browser, regardless of the user’s location. It does not require carrying USB drives, which, despite their extreme durability, can be physically damaged. 

What’s more, its capacity is unlimited, but you should know that this involves paying a fixed monthly subscription. Data transfer is carried out only through an Internet connection, which means that with large files it can take some time.

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