How do I protect the lens on my smartphone?

How do I protect the lens on my smartphone?

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Today’s cell phones have better and better cameras, but with the quality of pictures does not always go the protection of the lens. How to protect your camera, so that after some time scratches do not appear on it and the quality of photos does not drop significantly?

Why should you protect your phone’s camera lens?

The answer to this question may be as simple as why you should protect the screen of your phone. First and foremost, it’s about protecting the lens from scratches and damage that can even cause our phone to stop taking pictures.

Most of the cases that we can find at this moment on the market have cutouts for the camera lens, so it is worth thinking about additional protection of this element, so that you can enjoy good photos for a longer time.

Some good advice

To protect the camera lens we can start by handling the phone in the right way. To protect the lens from dust and to keep it clean at all times, we should not touch it at all. If you keep your phone in your pocket, you should get into the habit of putting the camera lens as far away from the pocket as possible.

From time to time you should also wipe the lens with a soft cotton cloth or a special tissue. The front camera of your phone can also get dirty, for example during a conversation. You should also take care of it. You should also make sure that you always put the phone in a dry and clean place, never on grass or sand.

Camera glass

To further protect our camera lens from scratches, we can stick a tempered glass on it, just as we do with the screen of the phone. It will protect us from accidental damage, which can occur when, for example, we have the phone in our pocket together with the keys

Tempered glasses available on the market at the moment differ not only in quality but also in the degree of hardness. This is determined by the Mohs scale, which is also used to express scratch resistance and mineral hardness. It has 10 points, where 1 means that the material is very easy to scratch and 10 means that only a diamond can scratch it

The hardest glasses that we can buy at the moment are marked 9 and this is what we should buy. They guarantee protection against accidental scratching or damage to the lens. When planning to buy a glass for the camera lens, it is worth paying attention that it fits our smartphone. Different phone models may have minimally different lens shapes

An interesting option are glasses with oleophobic coating. It further protects the lens from fingerprints and other contaminants, which simply makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. When choosing protective glass for our lens, it is not worth saving money. Let’s decide on the option of a well-known company that will not disappoint us.

Will the quality of the photos be worse?

If it is necessary to stick something on the camera lens, it may seem that by doing so the quality of photos will deteriorate. It is completely different. Protective glasses are transparent and do not affect the photographs in any way.

However, be sure to choose a quality product. The cheaper ones may not fully let the light through and slightly worsen the quality of our photos. However, in the long run, even the cheapest glass will be a better option than a complete lack of protection for our phone’s camera lens

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