How do I cool my computer?

How do I cool my computer?

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Additional cooling of a computer ensures safety of the most important components and allows for efficient work. It is worth considering when we use our equipment intensively

Will “fans” alone be enough?

When buying our first computer, many of us focus mainly on the processing power of the processor and graphics card, the size of the disk and RAM memory or the screen resolution.

In most cases we rely on the cooling system provided by the manufacturers. The biggest brands use pretty decent fan systems in their products. As long as we are not demanding gamers and our computer is used mainly for surfing the net or watching movies and TV series, we can safely trust the ready-made sets.

On the other hand, if we use our computer professionally, e.g. editing professional films, processing photos or simply want to take full advantage of the latest games, it is worth betting on additional cooling. Keep in mind that in PCs the processor and graphics card, the most important parts of our equipment, heat up the most

Fortunately, in the case of the graphics card, the factory cooling is sufficient enough that you rarely hear about its modifications. When it comes to the processor, air cooling via the built-in fans may not be enough in case of intensive use.

If not fans, then what?

Most often we can meet two types of cooling systems, which we can expand our hardware: air cooling and liquid cooling. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we will present you these solutions:

Air cooling

It consists primarily of the use of fans, which work is supported by the radiator connected to it. It is responsible for heat dissipation on a larger surface. If we decide on an air cooling system, it is worth paying attention to the size of the fan blades (the bigger, the better).

In this case, it is worth suggesting the price. Unfortunately, the cheapest fans are manufactured from the worst subassemblies and we can expect failure very quickly. The same applies to the heat sink. For the production of cheaper devices, metals with worse conductive properties are used. We should also remember that cooling systems get dirty very quickly and need to be cleaned frequently. In addition, some users may be bothered by the volume of fans, especially when they go to the highest speed.

Liquid cooling

It is among one of the most expensive systems. It relies on the use of a water block, which will absorb the heat of a given component, and a cooler connected to it will take care of the proper temperature of the liquid.

In case of that solution we have to reckon with the fact that we will need much more space in the case than in case of its predecessor. Unfortunately, due to the use of more complicated technology, the price will be much higher than in case of using fans

In conclusion, when choosing a cooler for our PC we have to take into consideration how our equipment will be used. If we will be squeezing out seven sweats from it, it is worth to invest in a good cooling system. For the most expensive and at the same time the best air cooling systems we will pay about 500 PLN. In the case of liquid cooling, for the best system you will have to spend even three times more.

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