SEO audit – characteristics and objectives
SEO marketing

SEO audit – characteristics and objectives

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The process of positioning is considered to be one of the most complicated marketing activities on the web and this statement is not untrue. Moreover, it is associated in the most common scenario where eventually companies are forced to use the SEO services of interactive agencies. Lucky agencies such as best New York SEO, SEO agency Las Vegas, or Kansas City SEO.

During the process of positioning, specialists have to perform many steps and stages that require extensive and specialized knowledge of the positioning itself, as well as how the website works or how to modify the source code. Not many independent entrepreneurs are able to carry out this process on their own, and some of them, among other things due to cost reduction, decide to act on their own after all. The result? Deterioration of results, and often even the exclusion of the website from the ranking. The basis for action is to conduct an SEO audit, which both in SEO agency Las Vegas and Kansas City SEO can be obtained for free.

What is SEO?

SEO actions consist in precise optimization of the website for search engines (Search Engine Optimization) so that it meets all the requirements of Google algorithm, which calculates the height of the page position for a particular key phrase – explains us Web developer best New York SEO agency. This task is very complicated, but the effects always reward all efforts associated with its implementation.

A website subjected to positioning gets a much higher position in the Google search engine. Usually a fresh website lands at the very end of SERP (Search Engine Results Page), so its presence does not generate any traffic. Internet users usually visit the first two-three pages of results and rarely look at the subsequent ones. Store positioning is all about getting your website to the highest possible positions.

SEO audit – the first stage to a full strategy

SEO agency Las Vegas positioning always starts with a comprehensive audit. The aim of this activity is to thoroughly analyze the whole website in terms of the engine of the chosen search engine:

  • presence of key phrases and their compatibility with the actual content of a given subpage,
  • speed of page operation and time to its full loading,
  • the presence of a mobile site and UI and UX compliance with the client’s requirements,
  • internal and external linking,
  • presence and possible position of the page in search results,
  • competitive companies operating in the same industry,
  • source code consistency and cleanliness,
  • and many, many more.

As SEO senior Kansas City SEO admits, there can be as many as several hundred total steps in an SEO audit, and the primary benefit of conducting one is the ability to design a personalized, customized campaign. Without an audit, strategies are usually flawed and their effectiveness leaves much to be desired

How is an SEO audit conducted?

An SEO audit is always conducted by only a select few professionals from a given SEO interactive agency, such as best New York SEO specialists, programmers, and copywriters. These teams evaluate each site both manually, by analyzing the source code or plugins themselves, and by using specialized tools to do so.

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  • Daniel Bregman 26.08.2022

    You are right that an audit is the key to effective SEO. I will say even more, without an audit there is no successful positioning strategy. And if you want your strategy to be even more effective, there’s a way. It is worth trying the SXO audit, which involves analyzing not only SEO, but also UX on the website. Recently, user experience is gaining importance, so it is worth focusing on it when positioning your website. This will allow you to adapt the website to the needs of users and make them spend more time on your website. SXO audit allows you to detect all errors that have an impact on user dissatisfaction.

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