Why buy an external drive?

Why buy an external drive?

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Having a portable database is undoubtedly a very convenient solution for those who need to save large amounts of data at work. Why else is it worth investing in an external drive? What should you pay attention to?

What is an external drive?

This is the name given to the memory similar to that of a computer, but able to be plugged into any device. An external drive attached to a computer behaves as if it were another built-in drive. So you can easily save data on it

HDD and SSD – two types of discs

Already the choice of a specific type of disk gives us greater or lesser benefits in later use:

  • HDD is the platter version. It is able to store large amounts of information, but it also has major drawbacks. The primary one is susceptibility to mechanical damage – it is easy to scratch it, which results from the way its individual parts work. It also sometimes overheats and is quite noisy.
  • AnSSD is a piece of equipment in many newer computers. It is based on flash technology. It is faster and quieter than an HDD. Unlike it does not have moving parts, and therefore is more resistant to mechanical damage. However, it often has a smaller capacity.

An external drive boosts your computer’s memory

It has happened to many of us personally that the computer we purchased turned out to have too little built-in internal memory for our needs, however. The problem is relatively small, when it is possible to mount another drive e.g. inside the central unit of the PC. It is worse when e.g. in our laptop there is no place left for modifications and improvements. In such a case an external drive comes in handy, as it quickly increases the computer’s memory to a large extent. Additionally, we do not have to bear the costs of servicing – everything is simple and possible to do at home.

With an external drive we can easily store large amounts of data

Transferring data on small physical and volumetric flash drives is neither convenient nor completely safe. By investing in an external drive, we can be tempted to transport entire gigabytes of memory in a convenient way. It is also unlikely that we will lose such a large object through absent-mindedness.

External drive and backup

Nowadays, storing very important files only on one device is anachronistic and dangerous. This makes the files vulnerable to cyber attacks, for example. Besides, there is a possibility that the device on which we have them will break down irreversibly or be stolen. A significant insurance against such unpleasant eventualities will be to store a backup precisely on an external drive.

External drives for gamers. Is it worth it?

Certainly as external drives for gamers, SSD media will work better. Of course their relatively lower failure rate and susceptibility to mechanical damage is important, but the main advantage of such products is their speed. In the perspective of a gamer, the ability to copy large amounts of memory very quickly is extremely important.

A very valuable function that an external SSD for gamers is capable of fulfilling will be to make it a portable game library. Dozens of titles on one small drive instead of many game packs – this is definitely a tempting proposition

What parameters should I pay attention to when choosing a drive?

When deciding on the purchase of an external HDD or SSD we should take into account a number of parameters. The most important of these will include

  • capacity: up to 500 GB for people who do not save large amounts of data and more than 2 TB for example for graphic designers,
  • the size of the medium: most often we buy light and quiet 2.5 inch devices or heavier, noisier and more durable 3.5 inch,
  • additional equipment such as shock sensors,
  • speed of data writing and reading,
  • power supply method.
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