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What does rooting your system do?

Users of Android phones very often complain about slowing down the system and applications that cannot be uninstalled. With help comes here the so-called root.

What is it?

It can be compared to the administrator privileges that we know from Windows computers. In short, by default Android user gets very limited right to interfere in the system. This is a protection against unauthorized interference. In turn, the rolled system resembles the administrator account in Windows. On one hand it gives full control over the hardware, on the other hand it creates a risk of virus infection.

The most important benefit resulting from the root is the ability to remove unnecessary applications. If the system works too slowly, you can even completely uninstall the manufacturer’s system overlay and upload a custom version of Android – the so-called Custom ROM. The user also gains a greater ability to control battery consumption and other similar aspects. However, it should be remembered that this is a big interference in the system, which you always carry out at your own risk.

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