10 most interesting browser plugins

10 most interesting browser plugins

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Browsers have a number of add-ons and extensions that can really help you while you work or play. Check out our list of the top 10 most interesting plugins!

Number one plugin – Social Fixer

The first of the ten most interesting plugins is Social Fixer. Installed in your browser, this extension helps you manage what is displayed when you log into Facebook. It lets you freely resize different parts of the popular social network’s homepage. For example, you can reduce active friend windows or block messages with specific topics. With the plug-in you will remove any element that you hate on your Facebook.

The second plug-in will take care of security – HTTPS Everywhere

Another plug-in is HTTPS Everywhere, which encrypts every connection to the site. This ensures that you won’t enter a site that lacks the aforementioned encryption. So you can use the internet without any worries. Your data will be safe and rather impossible to intercept.

Do you spend too much time online? Install Web Timer

A plugin that can help you quit social media. Want to check how much time you spend surfing the web? Web Timer makes it possible – the results may surprise you! Thanks to this you will start changing for the better and you will visit Facebook or Instagram less often and for less time

A useful gadget – One Tab

A great choice for older devices, but it also works on the most modern ones. We are talking about One Tab plug-in, which collects all open tabs and creates a list from them. With more pages open, your computer or laptop can slow down a bit, hence the tabs in list form. You can bring them back all at once or one at a time. The list of sites you have open is not sent anywhere – so no worries about making it public.

Remove traces with Click&Clean

Cookies, browsing history or hidden algorithms – for some people trash, for others valuable information. Don’t want to leave them behind every time you leave a site? Choose Click&Clean, which will remove the remains of your movements on the Internet. The add-on will also delete everything you did in incognito mode. Full anonymity guaranteed!

AdBlock and ads disappear

After entering a given page, ads open one after another? A single click on the neatly placed “X” markers is out of the question! Now you don’t have to be afraid of that. One of the most popular plugins on the market will help you with that – AdBlock. Just run it and it will work in the background. The plugin automatically blocks all pop-up windows with advertisements, additionally counting them. After five minutes on your favorite site, check how many ads have already been blocked!

Better Privacy extension

As the name suggests, this is an add-on that is designed to protect our privacy. It does this by blocking flash or super cookies that nestle unnoticed on your computer, recording your every activity. You can decide how often the plugin should delete the log. It can also do it when you start your browser or after every session on the Internet

Save paper and ink, help the environment – Save The Trees!

An incredibly useful feature for your browser. Instead of printing a screenshot of a web page, just select the part you’re interested in and choose the print option. You’re only putting the most important information on paper, plus you’re helping the environment and saving money.

Panic Button – don’t panic closed pages will come back!

This plug-in is extremely useful at work. Are you currently browsing auction sites, looking for a new car or choosing a hotel in the mountains while in the office? Don’t worry that your boss will see it! Just one click (you choose the button yourself, the default is F4) and all your browser pages will disappear. No need to panic trying to turn off each one individually! One magic button and everything disappears, and importantly, you can come back to it all later!

Weather Aware – The weather will never surprise you

It was supposed to be so beautiful, but it rains? Surely you were not prepared for this? That will change when you install Weather Aware. It informs you of hourly weather changes and trends that may occur. You’ll finally be able to be sure whether to take sunglasses or an umbrella!

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